TALARIA STING R MX4 electric dirt bike was designed to deliver cutting-edge performance to riders. It includes a light weight frame design, a powerful electric motor that offers instant thrust, and an ingenious gear drive that allows it to operate extremely silently.


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Talaria Sting R is a new electric dirt bike that combines the performance of a dirt bike and the agility of a downhill bike. It features a light weight frame, a powerful motor, and a compact design that make it ideal for off-road riding adventures. It has a CAD-designed light weight frame design, a powerful electric motor that delivers instant thrust, and it operates incredibly quietly thanks to an innovative gear drive. Its tiny, well-balanced frame is simple to manoeuvre and requires little upkeep. All of these elements combine to make STING an excellent off-road bike for more individuals than ever before to experience the thrill and enthusiasm of off-road riding excursions. Bringing you the highest quality Talaria ebike so you can discover new riding experience.

Talaria ebike

Talaria ebike – Talaria Electric Bike – Talaria e bike is one of the most sought after electric bikes on the market. Featuring a balanced lightweight frame and a powerful electric motor delivering instant torque, this electric bike moves effortlessly with minimal noise. This bike’s design will deliver top-end performance for any rider looking to enjoy their passion of off-road riding.

talaria electric bike
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We are now introducing the new TALARIA electric bike. It has been a long road of development to offer you a great competitive bike with upgrades, better battery life and more autonomy than before. Transfert case (Gearbox), Wider Rear Wheel, Real-time adjustable Motor Regen, Improved Battery Connector, Stronger headset bearings are few new great features of the talaria ebike. The Talaria Sting R is a lightweight aluminium alloy 6kw e-bike similar in look and capabilities to the Surron LightBee Off-road bike weighing just 63kg.

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Talaria xXx Concetp is now available. This exciting new bike offers renowned Talaria performance in a smaller form factor at an incredible low introductory price. Small and nimble (like a mountain bike) not big and bulky (like a motorcycle) this bike will attract less attention, while being easy to maneuver and fun to ride.